About us

We are into the Publishing of:

Novels or Books dealing with Lives and Times of prehistoric India, Distinguished works and subjects, Optimistic Novels, Fantasies, Subjects

of International acclaim, Fairy Tales, Subjects assessing the workings of world, Subjects of elite taste, Religious novels, Philosophical Novels,

Religion and Culture imbibing Novels, Subjects handling Noble Religious and Cultural Values of Ancient India, Biographies and Biographical

accounts of Laudable personalities across the globe.

We are not into Publishing of:

Books with Pessimistic subjects, Tragedies , Rebellious

writings, Memorial writings, Articles encircling Violent

or Bold subjects, poetry, Subjects centered around

sexual affairs, Writings exercising excessive use of

freedom of expression to the extent of being

Extremist of Fanatic etc.

आम्ही अभिजात विषयांवरील कादंबऱ्या, प्राचीन सांस्कृतिक विषय, रहस्य-चमत्कृतीपूर्ण कादंबऱ्या, परीकथा प्रकाशित करतो.

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